About Me: Blog Challenge #1

October 10, 2006

caitlin1.jpgMy daughter Caitlin was born in March 2004.  We had no idea there was anything unusual, until her birth.  What a surprise!!

We were a little worried about what lay ahead, but Cailtin is doing so well.  She had taught us many valuable lessons.

Lately, Caitlin has had a very difficult time sleeping, which has been hard for the whole family.  She seems so upset, but just can’t seem to relax enough to fall asleep.  I hope this phase does not last too long. 

About Me:

 Name of Child with CdLS whom you participate in this list on behalf:  Caitlin

Books currently on my nightstand:  Marley & Me, Keeping Faith by Jodi Picault, along with many others

Favorite TV show(s):  24 & House

What’s the car radio tuned to? News

Last movie seen in a theater: Cars with my six year old

Dream vacation: Anywhere tropical

Grew up in…. Westchester County, New York

First job: babysitter